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Career in ESP


“I know I am very lucky because I love my job and the company I work for. When talking about my job it is obvious, to anyone I speak to, that I am very engaged and energised by my work. Why – because I feel a sense of purpose in coming to work everyday! As a result I am very often asked by candidates and acquaintances that I meet “What is it really like to work at ESP?”


I am mindful that this is a question I can confidently answer from my own perspective but I am also very aware that when speaking to candidates in particular, that I need to give an answer that is reflective of a wider experience within the company.


Having thought about this, and spoken to several members of the team across various roles, I have managed to sum it up as follows:


Having A Purpose


Here at ESP we provide purpose. What does this mean for ESP? While almost all organisations can say “what” they do and “how” they do it, not every organisation knows why they do what they do. It not just about saying we have to make a profit. Our team need to know “What’s my purpose? Why does the organisation exist? Why do we all get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?”


We are a project driven organisation and we recognise that we often need our team to go above and beyond in order to deliver a project on time and within budget for our clients. We, therefore, feel as a company, that it is only fair that we also need to go above and beyond in order to provide the environment and culture that promotes this behaviour. We need to provide a sense of purpose in order to drive this and that means giving our team the autonomy, opportunity and training needed.


Appreciating Hard Work


So what do we do? We treat our employees as grown ups. We ask everyone to work hard on their own behalf, on behalf of the company and on behalf of our clients. And we recognise that in order to give their best effort, people need to be empowered when it comes to how they can achieve this. We provide as much flexibility around working times, working from home options and having the right tools and training that are needed to get the job done, as we can. We also facilitate ready-access to decision makers within the organisation.


We recognise that our team are experts at what they do – that is why our clients come back time and again for project support from ESP. Our business is driven by our reputation as a company to deliver what we promise and by the reputation of our project teams to deliver quality projects.


As a company we acknowledge that our reputation as an employer is also critical in attracting the right type of people with the right skills and attitudes. The numbers tell the story – of our current team of 160 people, 98 of them came on board as a result of a referral or came to us directly based on interaction with our team in the past.


We recognise that if we are just about hiring people because they can do a job, they’ll work for a pay cheque, but if they believe in what the company does, its purpose and it’s commitment to its clients and its people, the chances are they’ll be motivated to join us on our journey – committing themselves to the hard work required to be successful.


We also accept that this purpose and meaning has to be personal for each and every member of our team. As a company, it means providing job satisfaction and opportunities to test their abilities and to provide an environment to grow and develop their skills.


Celebrating A Job Well Done

Our purpose is also social. Coming to work every day with a group of people with the same goals and aims  –  who are also driven to achieve their best every day and who know how to have fun doing it, is hugely rewarding. Celebrating a job well done is one of the best ways of showing our organisation’s social purpose. We know how to work hard and to let our hair down and we pull out all of the stops with our company social events to make sure this happens.


Giving Back


And finally we have a societal purpose – we provide well paid jobs and good benefits. We also raise money for charities across the world several times throughout the year. For example, we run the Cork city marathon every year as a team to raise money for local charities nominated by members of our team.


So why work at ESP? Because we provide a sense of purpose to our team and make sure that everyone knows the “why” and not just the “what” of their job”.


Anita Boyle, Global HR and Resourcing Manager, ESP

If this article resonates with you and if your career goals align with our purpose, reach out to us on jobs@esp.ie

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