Validation Engineers Are In Big Demand…

February 2, 2016 10:16 am | Posted by Admin

…But the Devil’s in The Detail When Opportunity Knocks


Validation is all about checking the detail…detail is what makes a project successful, what makes a system run seamlessly. Sometimes, by concentrating on the job in hand, you can overlook the detail in your own career. Whether you have 2 or 20 years’ experience, it’s critical to review your situation and ensure all aspects of your job are working smoothly – are you getting the support you need? Do you see room for progression? Are the projects you are working on diverse and interesting?

If you’ve realized that things need to change, there are countless opportunities for Computer Systems Validation Engineers, but the question is …which one to choose?

Depending on your level of experience and your personal needs, you will have varying criteria for what you believe constitutes a happy working environment and a fulfilling career.

Typically as a Junior CSV Engineer, your main focus may be on receiving encouragement and support to help you grow your career and to deepen your understanding of systems – working in an environment where training and expert advice is readily available.

As an established Project Engineer with several years’ experience in systems validation, it may be diversity that motivates you…the opportunity to work on several systems, or projects, or perhaps the prospect to develop your job function further.

As a Senior CSV Engineer, you have honed your skills over the years and want to work in an environment which offers you a high level of responsibility, exposure to a variety of projects and systems and possibly the opportunity to get involved in development work.


…It may be diversity that motivates you…the opportunity to work on several systems or projects or perhaps the prospect to develop your job function further

It is often the case that while computer system validation engineers are highly sought after, many find themselves isolated in organizations that are stagnant – offering little opportunity to develop their career. You may have little support from your team; perhaps your team is small and inexperienced? You may feel like a hamster running the same wheel day after day – being offered the same projects…same systems…same clients…not going anywhere fast.

Or perhaps it is that your employer lacks focus and direction and what you really want is to work in an environment that has strong leadership and a clear direction. You may long to work on a stimulating project or even simply be offered some variety.




Enterprise System Partners (ESP) is a young, dynamic company with a solid background in bio pharmaceutical manufacturing IT. We offer specialist, unbiased support and consulting services exclusively for manufacturing and supply chain operations in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical devices, with core focus on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and serialization. We are niche and focused – driven to be the best at what we do.

We are a cohesive team of MES and serialization engineers, complementary disciplines offering distinct but balanced viewpoints. We have colleagues in the US, Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium and of course Ireland – enabling us to draw on experience from across the globe.

Our culture promotes a continuous improvement environment where everyone’s career is nurtured and developed

All of these elements combine to enhance our bank of knowledge and perspective. Information is readily available in-house with questions answered almost instantly. Our culture promotes a continuous improvement environment where everyone’s career is nurtured and developed. We are growing fast too, and bringing our engineers along with us – giving us the opportunity to work on several projects concurrently.

We work in a fast paced environment where no one gets left behind. Training in all MES systems is available, as is GS1 certification for those interested in serialization. Responsibility is given readily, as is encouragement and support. We offer our engineers the opportunity to travel between the US, Ireland and Europe – enhancing our engineers’ outlook and international experience.

We are, quite simply, a great company to work for. We value our team, we recognize and reward their hard work and tenacity, their creativity and diligence and we are looking for new teammates…CSV engineers who see those small details and want more…
Join us.

t: +353 214 614 400 (Ire) +1 774 215 5522 (US)







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