Serialization 2016 – Your Regulations Guide

November 4, 2016 12:04 pm | Posted by Admin

It’s that time of year again… 


The annual Pharmaceutical Serialization & Traceability Summit held in Geneva, Switzerland has rolled around again. And once again, ESP will be sharing our knowledge of the most up to date global serialization regulations as they stand right now.


Liam O’Riordan, our Director of Serialization will walk you through each major pharmaceutical market discussing, in detail, what regulatory stipulations are in place and what guidelines have been issued in relations to artwork and labeling and reporting.


Since 2015, there have been numerous changes to regulations in several countries, including changes to Oman just this week. Ensure that you and your team are completely au fait with the latest requirements by attending this must see presentation.


About the Event.. 


Organized by IQ Pharma, this event is the go-to event for all those involved in serialization and traceability in the pharmaceutical industry.


Across three days, learn about issues you need to consider before the fact approaching FMD deadline takes effect, and beyond. Look at: correctly identifying all of the external forces that enable or constrain your serialization program, understanding the differences between serialization regulations, capturing requirements and assumptions on how serialization data is formatted and shared, complying with fast-approaching traceability deadlines, ensuring maximum patient safety, IT management and serialization, data interoperability, what’s next-how to monetize your investment, supply chain visibility and more.


No matter what stage you are at in your serialization strategy, Pharmaceutical Serialization and Traceability Summit allows you to pick the sessions that will address the current challenges you are facing and network with peers at the same maturity stage.


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