Proactively Tap MES Data For Operational Excellence

July 22, 2016 9:17 am | Posted by Admin

For Companies With Established MES…

This year, at CBIs hugely respected MES Conference, ESP will co-host a workshop with our colleagues in Genzyme (A Sanofi Company) on Day 1 of the event. It aims to show companies with established MES systems how they can utilize the data to achieve operational excellence. 

Workshop Objective:

One of the many benefits of utilizing electronic systems is the increase in available data. However, many companies suffer from continuous improvement paralysis due to being overloaded by the amount of data at their fingertips. The key to maximizing your manufacturing data with MES comes from proactively leveraging the quality data to improve processes and efficiencies. During this interactive workshop, examine breakthrough manufacturing intelligence initiatives to transform into a high-performance and knowledge-driven organization.

Key Questions To Be Addressed:

  • How can data be leveraged to improve processes and reduce downtime?
  • How can real-time use of data be used to improve performance?
  • How can you utilize metrics and intelligence to improve shop floor activities and relay that information to business operations?
  • How can enterprise manufacturing intelligence increase productivity without any additional investments?

Workshop Outline:

I.Decoding the Data and KPI Approaches

  • Discuss what real-time data should be compiled (PLM, LIMS, etc.)
  • Tap the data prior to issues or problems arising
  • Implement strategies to conduct data analysis

II.Proactive Approaches for Maximizing MES Data

  • Leverage data for enhanced decision making
  • Assess what value companies are driving out of the MES data
  • Discuss how to best illustrate and display the data and KPI dashboards

III.Assess the Importance and Objectives of an Intelligence Strategy

  • Review roadblocks and prerequisites to pursuing this initiative
  • Identify major components of an EMI initiative

About The Conference:

MES 2016, the life science industry’s most in-depth manufacturing systems-focused event is packed with breakthrough content and next-generation strategies for achieving the highest ROI on your MES activities. Gain insight on innovative applications and processes to master this advanced IT-based solution in a highly regulated environment. Collaborate with peers and zero in on prevailing industry approaches to ensure manufacturing intelligence and excellence by successfully deploying, integrating, maintaining and utilizing data from MES.

MES 2016 runs from August 10th to 11th at the Doubletree by Hilton Centre City, Philadelphia, PA. 

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