MBR Factory. Off Site MBR Modelling with Best-In-Class Work Practices

April 16, 2014 12:40 pm | Posted by Admin

Recognizing the costs associated with the delivery of MES, the ongoing scarcity of strong MES resources and the challenges with retaining this type of person, ESP  successfully developed a model to deliver MBRs more efficiently with improved quality and consistency through a blend of on-site and off-site work for various stages of a project.

MBR Factory is a methodology where the majority of MBR modelling is carried out by a dedicated ESP team sitting off-site.

The key drivers behind this are:

  • Decrease cost while increasing quality: MES projects have become complex and costly.  If executed correctly, the MBR Factory model offers control and opportunity to simplify and standardize, reducing cost and improving quality of outputs.
  • Find highly qualified resources: Utilize highly specialist MES resources with minimum travel & living time and expense burdens. Conventional site work does not always attract the best resources.
  • Life cycle support that is affordable: Establish a core team to support the MES system life cycle instead of providing supplemental resources who are gone once the project is over.
  • Deliver on time & within budget: Fixing scope under the  MBR Factory model enables these essential requirements to be met.

This model is currently being used to implement concurrent multi-site rollouts across a number of countries.

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