ESP Recruitment: “Thinking Outside the Box”

October 29, 2014 12:26 pm | Posted by Admin

ESP have always looked at recruitment differently to other companies.  For over 10 years, ESP has been using the “Connections” model – an approach which is based on building relationships with people in our industry so that, when an opportunity arises, we know exactly who to talk to.

At their Talent Connect Conference in London last year, LinkedIn wanted to talk about a new way of recruiting… “Pipe-lining Talent”. Every person using the Recruiter Licence on Linked In to source candidates, was being encouraged to use this method to identify potential future candidates for their company.

If this was new for LinkedIn, ESP are way ahead of the curve. Maybe it’s because we’re Irish – being such a small country, when we meet someone new, it’s not long before we’re talking about mutual acquaintances. We apply the same logic to our recruitment efforts- our long standing relationships with people in the industry make it easy for us to network and make new introductions – building more and more relationships every day.

Its one reason why we have access to a world class team of engineers and consultants whose complimentary skill sets are aligned to our business goals, often months and even years ahead of a requirement being identified.

Recognizing our forward thinking approach, LinkedIn asked Anita Boyle, our Global HR and Recruitment Manager, to speak at this year’s Talent Connect Conference to explain how we developed our employer brand and successfully built our internal recruiting function.

The event takes place on the 12th and 13th November in London. To find out more, click here.




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