ESP & Biogen Collaborate For Traceability Forum, Boston

April 2, 2015 10:27 am | Posted by Admin

Eamonn O'Mathuna, Senior Manufacturing Consultant, ESP

Eamonn O’Mathuna of ESP and Bjoern Rosner of Biogen, jointly presented on the topic of how serialization can benefit brand protection for pharmaceutical manufacturers at the IQPC Traceability Forum, held in Boston this week.

The forum, which welcomed attendees from across the US, provided powerful examples of how industry stakeholders from small, medium and large pharmaceutical companies have taken proactive steps to implement the latest strategies for traceabillty within their organizations. The event saw industry peers share experiences on how to gain leadership buy-in and how to maximize ROI from the optimal utilization of serialization technologies.

Enterprise System Partners was proud to partner with Biogen to present on the topic of brand protection and the benefits a well implemented serialization strategy can bring. Eamonn O’Mathuna, Senior Manufacturing Consultant with Enterprise System Partners, explained how serialization is not confined to packaging but impacts the entire business from packaging through to virtually all elements of the supply chain.  He also discussed how important it is to take a holistic approach to serialization – identifying business & organizational changes  before deciding on the appropriate technology.

Bjoern Rosner, Associate Director, Global Brand Protection at Biogen, spoke about the extent of the problem of counterfeit medicines and how serialization is critical to protecting patients and businesses. He also highlighted some of the limitations and considerations when implementing serialization such as varying and fast changing international regulations.

ESP also exhibited at the event with Eamonn being joined by Baha Korkmaz (Senior VP Operations, North America), Ron Hubbard (Director of Supply Chain) and Linda Murphy (Snr VP Operations & Consulting).

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