July 30, 2014 5:18 am | Posted by Admin

A leading pharmaceutical corporation chose Enterprise System Partners to implement MES in their API plant in Ireland.


  • Move towards paperless manufacturing
  • Integrate MES with the ERP system
  • Integrate MES with Automation
  • Future integration with LIMS and CAPA
  • Establish EBR leading towards the optimized QA review and approval cycle by introducing review by exception concept
  • Minimize deviations


Success Story: Implementation of MES in API is not as commonplace as it has become in finishing and packaging plants. There are different challenges requiring different solutions in the API environment. In particular, the integration of the automation layer, and the management of batch data across both systems, required an in-depth knowledge of both Process Control Systems and MES which ESP was able to provide.  ESP provided key design and implementation resources, who were able to leverage the functionality of the existing Process Control System to provide an efficient and integrated solution which will be rolled out across an operational plant.

In advance of the project, ESP carried out a feasibility study which outlined the basic design, budget, resource requirements, phasing, schedule and ROI. Since this study included extensive input from Operations, Quality, Materials etc. It facilitated buy-in from all key players and helped ensured the smooth running of the project.

ESP are supporting roll-out of MES on multiple sites for this particular client, so were able to leverage from ‘know-how’, core documentation & methodologies developed for the clients specific needs.

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