MES Implementation On A Greenfield Site

May 15, 2019 8:35 am | Posted by Sheila Cotter

A leading global multinational pharmaceutical company approached Enterprise System Partners to implement full MBRs on a new greenfield site in the United States. This new facility will be a state of the art, single use biotech facility with an aggressive build schedule.

Enterprise System Partners formed a collaborative workforce from Ireland, Turkey and USA. Owing to the tight construction schedule, ESPs proven MBR Factory remote methodology was key to ESP being awarded this project. The scope of the project included the following key objectives:

  • Delivery of full MBRs and for the first time on site – GMBRs (Total of 38)
  • Integration to ERP, Delta V and OSI Pi
  • Validation of MBRs
  • Training
  • Engineering run support
  • Hypercare support post go live

Success Story: Enterprise System Partners (ESP) provided key project management, technical leadership, MES engineering and validation services to the client. To reduce the timeline of this project, ESP implemented a four-pronged approach by splitting the project into four work-streams, each running concurrently. A key advantage of the MBR Factory model is that the office based team benefits from increased collaboration with colleagues to ensure the best practice approach and with fewer distractions from the client side. Protocols were executed with very little issues. The client now considers the MBR Factory approach to be “one of ESP’s competitive advantages”.

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