MES in Fill/Finish Plant

July 30, 2014 5:15 am | Posted by Admin

A leading bio-pharmaceutical corporation chose Enterprise System Partners to implement MES in their Fill/Finish plant in Ireland.


  • Implement paperless environment on new vial filling lyophilisation line
  • Integrate MES with the ERP system
  • Integrate MES with SCADA, LIMS and CAPA
  • Capture of batch reports and implementation of ‘Review by Exception’
  • Minimize deviations


Success Story: ESP provided project management, technical design, MES engineering and validation support on this project.  This expertise and experience dovetailed with internal systems, process and product knowledge to provide a powerful project delivery vehicle, capable of successfully implementing this world class MES project.

  • The experience of the team was critical to the development of the appropriate solution for the difficult challenge of delivering EBR capability in the sterile area with tight integration to the automation layer and full tracking of equipment, setup parts and materials.
  • Key to this success is the ability of ESP to build on the knowledge gained from many successful MES implementations across the world. This large pool of ESP resources allows for flexibility as well as ready access to key specialist skills. This experience enables optimization of project delivery not only from a technical perspective but also in terms of resource management and total project lead-time.
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