ESP Release Digital Plant Accelerator Course

November 23, 2018 9:01 am | Posted by Claire Blair

ESP announces the completion and global general release of the ESP Digital Plant Accelerator course for life science companies. The course was co-developed by David Clarke and Gloria Gadea-Lopez, Phd. for ESP, in conjunction with other technical ESP consultants. The course runs over 3 days and is intended to be delivered at a plant site and aid in building site data analytics maturity.

The course structure is set out below.

The morning of Day 1 is open to anyone on site who has an interest in data analytics and especially those executives interested in digitally transforming their site. From the afternoon of Day 1, the course attendees split up in to small teams and work with data sets and market leading software to understand the business value available in the data analysed. On the afternoon of Day 3, those that have worked on analyzing data over the 3 days present their findings back to the interested parties.



Data analytics is central to the digital plant, and people and process are central to data analytics. The course builds on these key points:

  1. Agile Data Analytics Process: The technical teams work together in a step by step manner outlined on Day 1. If companies want to use their own data, some pre-work with the company will be needed. Otherwise, some open manufacturing data sets will be available.
  2. Collaboration: Each of the technical teams will have business, data and analytics roles from within the organization, supported by ESP facilitators. This is a chance to build collaborative teams within the organization that can go on to sustain a growing culture that makes data driven business decisions.
  3. Market Leading Analytics Tools: Attendees will get an overview of all of the market leading data and analytics layer software on Day 1, together with an overview of how and where to use key analytic algorithms from simple atomic level, to ensemble to deep learning auto-encoders. The software for this course has been kindly provided by Tibco Software.

Finally, ESP are leaders in providing life science solutions and services to enhance and support the digital plant since 2003. The ESP Data Analytics practice builds on the data experience of the ESP MES and Serialization practices to provide targeted expertise and value to its life science manufacturing customers.

For more information and to book a course for your site, please contact or your ESP account manager.

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