Are There Business Benefits to Serialization Beyond Compliance?

June 3, 2015 11:09 am | Posted by Admin

This may seem a complex question to answer as you begin your serialization journey. It is difficult to look beyond the significant challenges that lie ahead in this undoubtedly complex project – initial funding and stakeholder engagement, vendor selection and delivery adherence, uncertainty in the regulatory environment and of course the numerous changes that will impact your packaging, warehousing and supply chain processes. However despite lots of challenges, serialization can deliver valuable business benefits to your organization. The core objectives of your organization’s serialization strategy are fundamentally to provide enhanced product security and thereby provide safe, unadulterated medicines to patients, whilst ensuring business continuity and safeguarding your right to continue to supply medicines that meet regulatory requirements.


Patient Safety

At the very heart of the legislative and regulatory processes driving the need to serialize medicines lies patient safety, too many tragic incidents have occurred and are still occurring whereby patients have suffered adverse effects and even death due to unknowingly being exposed to counterfeit medicines. A visit to the WHO website provides shocking statistics and documents just how lucrative the “business” of supplying counter-fit medicines is to the criminal gangs behind this practice. Serialization provides perhaps the most effective weapon the pharmaceutical industry has yet adopted to fight against counterfeiting and ultimately protect patient safety. Combined as part of your brand protection strategy, serialization, alongside your existing safety features, not only protects the patient but also from a business perspective…


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